Jackie Basden

Jackie Basden

Proprietor & Account Director

Jackie is very fortunate to have a loving , wonderful, and patient husband, who despite all the aggravation, abuse and total grief as a result of being the little man at home still remains faithful well at least until Kylie or Catherine Jenkins become available…….


I love travelling (which is just as well as all my family live around the world) but I also love coming home. Even my son has recently returned from Barbados to then go straight off to Abu Dhabi to work – notice a pattern here?

Could be the reason why the team here is like my surrogate family and it’s not just all about the bottom line.

I used to be very sporty – happiest when swimming or playing tennis, netball, badminton and am now, after too many years as a spectator, trying to get fit again. I’m accused of being very competitive – so what if he’s only six, he was out !! – but I can’t help getting wrapped up in things and have a go…

I started my career in hotel management which was a great life when single however, when my son arrived, I decided to work more normal hours and set up E&V using my 12 years hotel experience and that was 21 years ago!!

The job does involve quite a bit of travelling throughout the UK & Europe and I do see many many hotels good and bad from Country House & Castles to Convention & Training Centres as not all our clients have 5 star budgets!

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