Hotel and Venue Inspector. I am still thrilled to work at my ultimate dream job – my name is Evie and I’m working for a company called E&V !! My job involves travelling the world inspecting hotels and venues to check they’re of the highest standards and suitable for our discerning guests. I like exploring cities and the local countryside with my good friend Rupert… when I travel further afield I’m accompanied by another good friend Baloo who is very familiar with the jungle – so handy when looking for the Orangutans in Borneo or visiting Paddington’s relatives in Peru.I love London and in between visiting hotels and amazing venues for gala dinners, I can be found in Harrods Food Hall looking at specialty Honeys for my friend Winnie the Pooh. Another favourite haunt is Yogi’s Pic-A-Nic spot on one of the many Private Rooftop Gardens. You can follow me and my travels – this may give you some ideas of where to take your next meeting or event.

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“As a result of all my travelling I have lost touch with many old friends and family, so if you should come across any of my friends please log onto my Facebook page and either upload photos or share your news?”