EVIE Visits Silverstone – hosted by Germany Convention Bureau

Jackie and Evie were invited along to an Agents Day at Silverstone by Porsche – you would expect it to run like clockwork and so it did. ..

The day offered a chance to drive a Porsche on a specially designed track with built in water hazards and skid pan.  We heard about the new Porsche Centre and were shown the new facilities at the race track itself.

Hotel exhibitors were present from various German Cities, giving the latest information on investment into various cities .

Evie loved the red leather interior of her Porche but couldn’t quite see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals at the same time. The mirror was well placed to do makeup and the ride was smooth enough.

She even learned all about torque versus pure speed, but also control on the amazing skid tests with water spouts and kick plates to send you in a spin.

Evie agreed that it was a brilliant day out and wanted to stay for more.

For more information on this venue and it’s facilities – contact the Events &Venues Team direct on Tel: 0117 9414 888