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Every day brings a new exciting challenge for the Events & Venues team.

This Weeks Example:

London based satellite telecoms company wanted to gather senior managers and executives to maintain company strategy, iron out issues, include a bonding session and a team challenge.

It was decided that the best learning environment to encourage free exchange of ideas in relaxed surroundings would be found outside of London. First challenge was to find a country house hotel with acres of groups with availability. After approaching 18 venues we found the perfect option.

E&V brought on board a company running GPS treasure hunts to take delegates from the London head office through a series of location challenges. This would include getting to a particular station, catching a train to a pre-determined destination and then a transfer on to the hotel. The last challenge would be to find a piece of company equipment within the grounds before watching the days antics on a big screen over dinner.

Conference plenary and workshops sessions would run over the next two days including an afternoon to relax and have fun. For this we brought in another tried and tested supplier who will put on an “It’s a knockout” event finishing with a BBQ to encourage bonding and team spirit.

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