ROTTERDAM and THE HAGUE– you may not be sure exactly where they are so:

1. Fly into Amsterdam which is one of the biggest European hubs
2. Use the walkways straight down to the station below the concorse
3. Pick up the regular service and 30 mins later you’re in Rotterdam

A great Old Port City now revitalised with great modern architecture situated around the waterways.

Then on to The Hague–  just 15 mins drive and you will find the very respectable city Das Hague – the home of the famous painting ‘the girl with the pearl earring’.

A very civilisted City Centre around the Peace Palace and beautiful Art Galleries. “But… and it is a BIG but” – only a 10 minute tram ride to the other side of the town and you’ll find yourself at the Beachfront with a slightly different vibe.

You will discover a range of Hotel options from a beautiful historic conversion from an Old Bath House to a 5 star Luxury Hotel. Amazing venues for dinners, and following dinner some great Jazz Clubs on the Beach.

Amsterdam is a great City but very expensive – so these other locations are a great alternative and very reasonably priced in comparison.


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