GLENEAGLES – Agents Visit

Gleneagles is one of those names banded about as if everyone is familiar with it, but until you go you really can’t appreciate it. Whilst not quite as imposing as I thought it was going to be it’s one of those hotels that carries on wowing from the inside. The views from every angle through the panoramic windows are stunning even when there are heavy clouds looming… it’s almost like that’s how it should be.

The difference with this Hotel is that everything is really ON SITE….. from the fun Gun Dog Training – although they can arrange a shoot of course. To the Falconry, again just flying the birds is amazing but they can also arrange a hunt. The onsite Equestrian Centre with large indoor arena, , Bedrooms with real (well gas) fires, Salon, Spa with so many awards, Outdoor Thermal Pool, the onsite 4X4 offroad course (and I mean proper off road) in proper Land Rovers AND full shooting ranges of all types means there is never a dull moment.

This may not be THE most Luxurious Hotel ever (with a few tired edges) but you couldn’t fail to be impressed. If it’s good enough for a G8 Summit it’s good enough for most people.

Evie loved it especially the pipe and drums that appeared out of the dark after dinner. She was given a blanket to keep her warm and asked to gather outside on the steps and as all guests looked skyward thinking they were going to see some fireworks, the beat of the drums and the notes of the pipes made her realise she was in for a treat.

If you want your guests to never forget an event then this would be it.
Evie got on very well with the gun dogs …. they weren’t sure what to make of her and wanted to take her off to play but the Eagle appearing on the hand of a keeper sent her off into hiding although she did like the horses – especially the little Shetland Pony who loves polos.

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