We Are Your Agent

If you are not familiar with the benefits of a Free Venue Finding Service, or have not used a dedicated Conference Specialist before, you may not know that we can save you valuable time as well as having access to discounted rates.

If you found our web site whilst trawling the Internet for a suitable venue for an event you are planning, you have probably already spent considerable time and you still can’t be sure the venues you have found will be appropriate, have suitable space available whilst still meeting your budget guidelines.

Don’t take our word for it – take a look at Our Clients’ Testimonials for comments from some of our regular bookers who were once like you, wondering whether to give us a try….

All staff at Events & Venues have years of experience working in hotel reservations, conference departments and management, therefore we know how to get the best out of a venue. Not just where and how to negotiate the best prices but also how to get the best value from a venue for that one particular event on an operational level.

Events & Venues also has staff that have come from corporate companies, doing the job you’re doing now so rest assured, we know the pressures you are under to please everyone whilst sticking to a budget.

Events & Venues staff have  been booking venues for a variety of client events for over 20 years and have visited 1,000’s of venues personally. We meet with Hotel Sales Representatives from all the major groups as well as independents. This  keeps us up to date with new hotel openings and refurbishments enabling us to offer you the best help and advice …and all for free. Events & Venues has an extensive client base of loyal customers who make regular bookings, building up excellent relationships on a long-term basis.

See the ‘Services’ section for full details on our Free Venue Finding Service.