How do we work

Events & Venues is happy to be completely transparent in the way we are able to offer our venue finding service FREE OF CHARGE.

Standard commission is 8% or 10% which is NOT added to the rate you would pay if you went direct. Venues are happy to pay us a small commission as we actively market and sell their venues to clients they would not necessarily have exposure to otherwise.

Q      How many Hotels and Venues advertise on TV?
A      Only one – Premier Travel Inn

and why do they have to spend so much on advertising…..
As they are a budget hotel brand and do not pay commission to agents…..


Simply forward us information on:

  • dates and approximate numbers
  • outline for the event 
  • room setup and equipment required 
  • and finally, preferred locations and approximate budget

To read more on our Terms and Conditions please click here >> E&V Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Your designated E&V booking consultant will start the process approaching venues in the preferred locations that are felt to be suitable. E&V will negotiate to offer venues within your budget and put together a quotation in a spreadsheet format to enable direct comparison. E&V provide the star rating, the web site, the suggested meeting space and exactly what is included as well as a location map showing all the major arterial routes.

We suggest you narrow down the options to a shortlist…E&V are happy to accompany you on site visits.