Business Travel

Events & Venues provides a fast, efficient accommodation booking service for business travellers.  Do you know within your company who stays where, how much they spend and if there are other options they could be using?

Rack, BAR, Locally Agreed, Advance Purchase are all rate bands so if you’re confused let us unravel the maze for you and provide MI data quarterly to show your savings.

We offer this service completely free of charge as our costs are covered by the venue.  Our costs are in no way transferred to our clients and in fact we book over 6,000 room nights per year for one client alone.

Events & Venues can set up locally agreed rates with hotels used regularly and guarantees to match any already agreed rates your company may have, we may even be able to better them.

So what do you need to do to get the ball rolling:

  1. Contact Events & Venues with the required date, budget and location
  2. E&V check availability at all the nearest hotels using our vast database, location guides and unique postcode system to ensure close proximity
  3. E&V collate the information and can even produce a map showing the proximity of the options to your destination to help decide.
  4. Confirmation is sent to the venue and you the booker or the traveller on the move

Events & Venues can either work with a dedicated point of contact in the office or direct with your staff out on the road.  We work to a budget set by you and will always have the final say of which option you prefer.

We guarantee that this service will save your organisation time and money  and under contract,
we are happy offer a bill back system.