3D Virtual Tours

Simply put, our virtual tours are the closest you’re going to get to experiencing an environment or space, without needing to be there. The only, all-in-one reality capture system that also provides floor plans, tag points, overviews, video and VR capability.

Give your sales team the edge over your competition. There’s nothing like 3D – our virtual tours are easily accessible and highly affordable, allowing your clients to be totally immersed and confident in real-world spaces.

Interactive VR ready Virtual Tour: click on the play button for an auto play of the venue highlights. At anytime click into a space and move around using the mouse. View a floor plan level by level and measure anything (doorways, stage, height, width) using the tape icon.

As an venue finding agency, one of our issues is being able to sell conference & event space effectively on behalf of a hotel when, all we have are a few photos that don’t really give you the essence of a space. Floor plans show individual spaces and don’t show the transitions between the rooms which is the only way we can work out, if an event space will work well or not.

Book a zoom appointment for any potential bookers saving hours of travel time and expense. Simply walk through your venue by sharing your screen where you can react to customers questions and queries and add your commentary as normal. Events and Venues have been using virtual tours for some time to make sure the flow of an event works. Over the years, we have arranged site visits to venues we thought were going to be perfect and found they clearly can not support the full brief and others we didn’t think would work were perfect…. Virtual tours cut out the game of chance.

In addition to the tour we also include plenty of images in high resolutions, 360° images for social media, MP4 video version, placement on google maps and every tour can be shared on Facebook and viewed using a VR headset!

Click on the image links below for more samples; Longleat, Hand Picked Fawsley Hall Spa and UCL City and Guilds


Hand Picked Fawsley Hall Spa UCL City and Guilds Building





3D Virtual Solutions

3D Virtual SolutionsEvents & Venues have set up 3D VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS making the most of our conference & events expertise to ensure we capture the areas important to event planners. We are endorsed providers of this new Matterport software so guaranteed to provide amazing show reels and back end support.

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